Case studies

Helping hedge funds attract institutional mandates

Helping Hedge Funds win institutional mandates

We have successfully managed our hedge funds for many years. The funds we had raised to date had been mainly through family offices and high net worth individuals; however we were increasingly starting to participate in institutional mandates. These potential new investors were considerably more demanding in terms of corporate governance and reporting.

We wanted to investigate ways of capturing and monitoring risks, and reporting to our investors in a more sophisticated manner. Alpha Finance Advisors delivered a solution customised to our specific needs. Our risk system is not only easy to use, it helps us attract bigger ticket mandates. Read more

Our risk monitoring system provides exactly what we need for our own internal controls and for capturing specific investment patterns. We can now produce reports that encapsulate our specificities or provide more traditional metrics, should the prospect need it.

Providing clarity for pension fund board members

Providing clarity for pension fund Board members

I’m a Board member for a pension fund. I was growing increasingly uncomfortable with the discrepancy of the returns I was expecting from the asset allocation we had decided upon and what the fund was actually generating. I now feel more empowered and in control.

Looking into the reports provided me with little explanation. Although they were comprehensive and plentiful, they were not easy to understand and failed to point me in the right direction. Alpha Finance Advisors analysed and reviewed our portfolio and provided the clarity I needed to understand exactly what was going on beneath the surface. Read more

The report provided by Alpha Finance Advisors equipped me with the information I needed to make my own educated judgment on the situation. It placed me in a stronger position to discuss the issue with the board, which we rectified and now have greater control.

Giving family offices back control

Giving family offices better control

Our family office had grown into a multi-billion pound investment company. On top of the existing family businesses, we had four different investment teams running portfolios of equities, bonds, hedge funds, private equity and real estate - with significant exposure in each asset class.

We needed to formalise our corporate structure and ensure proper governance. We wanted to better understand and control the various investment books, while also increasing our profile with banks and brokers in order to gain flexibility and negotiate better business terms. Read more

We’ve really enjoyed working with Alpha Finance Advisors. They draw on a wealth of market experience and offer a different perspective to what we would do in-house. We value their independence and our stakeholders are reassured by their clear, concise and unbiased reports.

Helping wealth managers demonstrate their value

Helping wealth managers demonstrate their value

I manage portfolios on behalf of wealthy clients and institutions. I’m a good investment manager, although I found it difficult to explain my asset allocation strategy and the resulting investments. I also wanted to justify my performance and basically needed help to demonstrate I was performing in line with my mandate.

Alpha Finance Advisors analysed each portfolio and provided a detailed report. They dissected my investment approach, determined the wisdom of my asset allocation decisions and whether I was able to add value to the strategy through my asset and manager selection process. Read more

The report produced by Alpha Finance Advisors has been invaluable. I use it to present to my existing clients and prospects - to demonstrate independently - the effectiveness of the strategy and how I’m adding value both at the asset allocation level and at the implementation level.