Wealth Manager Case Study

I manage portfolios on behalf of wealthy clients and institutions. I'm a really good investment manager, although I've found it difficult to explain my asset allocation strategy and the resulting investments. I also wanted to justify my performance and needed help to demonstrate I was performing as required.

I made contact with the team at Alpha Finance Advisors and requested their support.

We had an initial meeting and discussed my requirements. They agreed undertake an analysis and provide a detailed report.

They started by ignoring the reasons why I invested the way I did. Instead they focused on the asset allocation I had implemented and the underlying investments. That meant they analysed the individual investments - whether in funds or actual securities - then allocated them to asset 'buckets' according to their risk/return profiles and constructed a bottom-up asset allocation structure. They then simulated the output of the same asset allocation using
benchmark returns.

This approach gave them the information they needed to analyse (i) the wisdom my asset allocation decisions (whether I had selected the “right” assets during the period) and (ii) whether I had added value to the strategy through the asset and manager selection process.

They were also able to look into my attitude towards risk, not through my marketing literature but through the assets and portfolio analysis.

Case studies - Wealth Managers

"The report produced by Alpha Finance Advisors has been invaluable. I use it to present to my existing clients and prospects - to demonstrate independently - the effectiveness of the strategy and how I’m adding value both at the asset allocation level and at the implementation level."