Services for Hedge Funds

We understand your challenges: increasing regulatory pressures, the need for transparency and a desire to attract bigger ticket mandates. You need robust risk management processes and reports to appeal to sophisticated investors and other third parties. Do you have the tools and infrastructure to institutionalise your business?

Outsourcing risk management and report preparation will enable you to focus on managing your fund. Using an independent firm can also enhance your credibility. We will help you install systems and processes to meet your complex reporting requirements. We use our 4 Step Approach.

Step 1: Express and define your unique approach

Using a combination of interviews and analysis, we identify the strategies you are deploying within your fund. We take time to understand you, your process and the approach that makes you unique. We then look at how you express and monitor risk. Our aim is to help you to shine.

Step 2: Design of the risk framework

We use the information obtained in step one to create your Risk Policy. We select relevant indicators to describe and measure your fund’s risk. At this stage we will also work with you to define the audience to whom the reports will be distributed, understanding that different audiences have different requirements: investors, third party service providers, managers of the funds or company managers. We then set-up your risk limits and design your risk reports, including your Risk DashboardTM.

Step 3: Selection and deployment of tools and infrastructure

The next stage of the process involves defining the infrastructure that will allow you to measure and monitor the risks as defined in your Risk Policy. We identify all of the available systems and consider any gaps. We find ways to work around and/or fill the gaps, then help you to deploy the agreed infrastructure.

Step 4: Monitor and review

The last stage in our process involves monitoring and review. We monitor the limits and analyse your fund in terms of risks and returns. Understanding that conditions change over time, we review your risk policies and adapt or amend as required. By documenting your process we are helping you to articulate risk in a more transparent and user friendly way.